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Turbocharge Your 
Referral Program

Plugg is a Chrome extension that lets consumers save and automatically share referral links. They see these links, saved by their friends and influencers, while they are shopping online. No more spamming friends. Just useful information at the time of purchase.

Plugg Chrome Extension Referral Marketing

How Plugg Works:

1. Customers Save Referral Links

Customers click and save their personal referral link.

Plugg Semi-Auto Save.gif

2. Saved Links Pop Up as Friends Shop

Consumers see relevant referral links from friends and influencers at the time when they need them.


Benefits for Brands:

  • More than double conversion rates from referral program

  • Increase customer loyalty by making your referral system unobtrusive and convenient 

  • Track conversion rates, ROI, and customer behavior, allowing you to fine-tune referral program 

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Save referral links for sharing automatically across your network without spamming

  • Get relevant links from friends and influencers when you need them 

  • Get rewarded more by your favorite brands as your friends use your links

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