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Maximize Organic

Plugg will improve your sales conversions and increase customer LTV.

Plugg Chrome Extension
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Plugg Alpha
Partnership Program

The objective of the program is to evaluate the effectiveness of your referral marketing strategy and gain insights about the customer experience with the Plugg integration.

Benefits for selected eCommerce brands:

  • Help you to optimize your word-of-mouth conversions

  • Help us build a product made just for you

  • We will grant you permanent discounted pricing

Plugg Finds Your Friends with Referrals

Plugg is a Chrome extension that makes it easy for your customers to save and use referral links

With the Plugg Chrome extension relevant referrals from your customers' network pop up as they browse and shop online.

Plugg will help you to:

  • Acquire more loyal customers

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment through friends’ recommendations

  • Engage with people who love your brand

Partnershi Form

Our Partnership Integration is Seamless

Plugg can increase sales of most eCommerce businesses by 5-15%.

We are looking for a limited number of eCommerce businesses on Shopify to join our Alpha program.

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